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"TOP ROLL" endoscopes

High-temperature endoscope designed for monitoring the production of flat glass.

Endoscope’s characteristics

Diameter 86 mm
Length 4 metres
Vision 90°
Interchangeable lenses 60° - 90° - 120°
Options Zoom 1x3
Outer jacket heat insulation*

External sheath made of Hastolly type stainless steel for increased resistance to corrosion phenomena.
Triple-jacket structure providing efficient cooling and minimum fluid consumption.
Extractable optical device allowing adjustment and cleaning while retaining the seal of the furnace.
Optical system with mono or color camera including an adjustable diaphragm and interchangeable filters to optimise the vision according to the specific constraints of the furnace.
Cooling and cleaning of the lens by continuous air or nitrogen flow.

* The heat insulation makes it possible to eliminate cold radiating on to the sheet of glass.