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Rigid endoscopes or Boroscopes

A rigid endoscopes is a probe where the image from the vision is transmitted by optical lenses (achromatic, Selfoc).
This specific feature gives the probe a rigid structure and means that there has to be straight-line access to the cavity in order to introduce the instrument.

KINOPTIK offers several models of endoscope, all fitted with high-performance optical systems.

ESK series endoscopes        EASYSCOPE
Traditional boroscopes with fixed angle of view: 0°, 45°, 90°, 110°.
Diameters from 3 to 15 mm

VSK series endoscopes        MAGNISCOPES

Endoscopes with zoom built-in to the eyepiece
Diameters from 8 to 12 mm

MSK series endoscopes        MULTISCOPES
Endoscopes with variable direction of view that can be controlled remotely
Diameters from 6 to 14 mm

MIK series endoscopes         MINISCOPES

Micro endoscopes with Selfoc lenses
Diameters from 0.7 to 2 mm

KEM series endoscopes        MODULAR
Modular endoscopes with lamp lighting
Diameters from 9 to 25 mm

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